Main Casino Terms

About Main Terms of Service in online casinos for Australians - what need to know

If you willingly decide to create an account and play online casino games for real money on a gambling platform, there are some rules you need to abide by. These usage terms are clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the particular AUS casino and also placed in several additional policies.

Any attempt to breach or disrespect the terms of use can result in nulled winnings, account termination or a permanent ban of the account holder.

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    Responsible Gambling Policy – Probably the most important of all is the policy for responsible gaming, which provides a safe and addiction-free atmosphere for regular Aussie gamblers. This policy includes measures such as cool-off periods, account limits, and deposit and withdrawal limits, among others.

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    Rules Related to Withdrawals – Every Australian gambler should be familiar with the casino’s withdrawal policy, the limits imposed on each cashout, the verification document needed for successful processing, and details around available withdrawal methods.

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    Rules Related to Games – The rules of casino games differ based on their types, but also there may be differences between playing them on one online site to another. Gamblers should check details such as bet limits, additional features activation, and minimum deposits, among others.

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    Terms Related to Bonuses – The bonus terms and conditions are different at every AUS casino, often also for every bonus available on the site. Players must be familiar with minimum deposit requirements, wagering requirements, eligible games, and similar details before claiming a promotion.

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    Privacy Policy – This policy shares details on how the casino protects your personal details. It’s important to get to know the basics of data protection at the casino before providing any personal data.

Frequent Casino Terms

In order to make the most of your online gambling experience at Australia best online casino, there are some popular casino-related expressions and casino slang that all Aussie gamblers should get familiar with.

What are the terms associated with the casino - what a player needs to know
  • RTP Icon


    The Return To Player refers to the percentage linked to each casino game, which indicates how much of the deposited money will be given back to players in the form of profit.

  • House Edge Icon

    House Edge

    The House Edge is the leftover percentage out of the total 100%, which indicates how much the casino will keep from the funds deposited. For instance, if the RTP is 96%, the house edge is 4%.

  • Instant Casino Icon

    Instant Casino

    This term refers to casinos that provide instant games on their websites without having to download any software.

  • Bankroll / Budget Icon

    Bankroll / Budget

    Your budget money or your bankroll is the specified amount of funds you can afford to spend at a casino Australia.

  • Wagering Requirements Icon

    Wagering Requirements

    These are linked to bonuses at an online casino Australia, and refer to the number of times you need to play your prize through in order to be able to withdraw your winnings.

  • No-Wager Bonus Icon

    No-Wager Bonus

    Consequently, a no-wager or a non-sticky bonus is a promotion that isn’t linked to any wagering requirements, meaning all winnings are immediately withdrawable.

  • KYC Icon


    Know Your Customer is a policy present at most online casinos for Aussies and refers to the casino getting to know their registered gamblers in order to perfect the service they provide.

  • High-Rollers Icon


    These separate types of players are gamblers who dedicate and start off with big sums of money, i.e., have a larger bankroll.

  • Minimum / Maximum Bet Icon

    Minimum / Maximum Bet

    The least you can bet on a casino game is the minimum one, and the most you can bet on a particular game is the maximum one.

  • RNG Icon


    The Random Number Generator is special software that triggers a totally random frequency of wins in a casino. It is never the same and enables fair and equal winning chances for all participants.

  • Game Lobby Icon

    Game Lobby

    A special section at online casino websites where gamblers can explore the game offers.