Responsible Gambling in Australia

Like anything else in this world, gambling comes with risks. Often, this activity can be just a hobby or a way of making extra money, but sometimes it can even turn into an addiction. It may become hazardous for physical and mental health. But is it possible to prevent this? Our team from decided to find out.

In this case, responsible gambling comes to the rescue. It is a proven method of reducing the risks of online gaming. When a person plays responsibly, then he or she plays within the limits of their budget. Additionally, users play only for entertainment purposes, with funds they can afford to spend.

The authorities, as well as casinos themselves, try to help Australian players in various ways. At, we’ve analyzed this topic from different angles. Let’s take a look at what measures the government takes to lower the risks of casino games.

Goverment Promotion

How Does the Government Promote Responsible Gambling?

In recent years, the government offered several steps to reduce the negative consequences of casino games on its enthusiasts and to develop responsible gambling strategies. It involves two updates to the Interactive Gambling Act introduced in 2017 and 2019.

National Self-Exclusion Register

The changes to the Interactive Gambling Act in 2019 allowed the establishment of the National Self-Exclusion Register. This tool is expected to start operating in mid-2022. This will help users to minimize their habits online. The service will allow a person to exclude themselves from all legal casinos in Australia in one simple step. The register will be completely free, and personal data will be protected.

National Self-exclution register

Customer Verification

Customer Verification

It’s hard to imagine the responsible service of gambling without the procedure of verification. This helps to identify users and avoid scams. Nowadays, the verification process is usually easy and doesn’t take a lot of time. On February 26, 2019, the government also passed a customer verification law that reduced a participant’s verification time from 90 days to 14 days. Now an idea is being developed to reduce the process to 72 hours, but as a rule, gambling establishments conduct the verification process rather quickly.

Monitoring Offshore Online Casinos

The authorities are continuing to fight with unlicensed casinos in Australia. The recent improvements to the Interactive Gambling Act give the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) capabilities to examine complaints against online operators.

If the government or ACMA finds that establishments violate policies of privacy, fair play, are not safe, are offshore, and harm players in any way, then Internet service providers are tasked with blocking access to such establishments. takes the questions of security and reliability very seriously. It’s crucial that the casino you select is licensed and trustworthy. Our team recommends only safe gambling options on our site to be sure that you are safe online.

Offshore Gambling

Our Guide

Our Guide

The average Australian spends away around $1,260 each year. While playing your favorite titles online can be a great way to relax, some players might end up in a desperate situation. The principles of responsible gambling can not only solve the existing problems but prevent them too. We, at, offer helpful information on this topic.

If a person has any issues with games, it is better to work on them as soon as they are noticeable, even if it is quite hard. We’ve compiled several simple yet effective tips and tricks to implement responsible gambling.

  • Play only with finances that aren’t intended to cover your essential needs. Never utilize the money that is saved for paying rent, buying food, or funding medical expenses.
  • Bear in mind your limits. Many online casinos allow their customers to set their own limits: the maximum amount of money they can spend a day or a week.
  • Don’t spend all your spare time online. Stay socially active and communicate with your friends and loved ones regularly. Follow a healthy lifestyle and spend enough time outdoors.
  • Don’t gamble with borrowed money. Never use credit cards to fund your gaming account.
  • Don’t play online when you are taking psychoactive substances.
  • If you experience any psychological issues, don’t try to find the answer in gambling.
  • Utilize online tools to control your gambling habits. Most online casinos have responsible gambling policies to help gaming addicts deal with their problems.
  • Don’t create multiple accounts on casinos.
  • While offers from casino platforms might look great and super attractive, they can hide disadvantageous features. Always examine the terms and conditions of the games and be aware of all changes and wagering requirements.
Responsible Gaming Rules
Responsible Gaming

If you need help, there is a list of organizations that work with such problems. You can contact some local services that are ready to aid in fighting the addiction, including the following ones:

  • Gambling Help NSW — for users from New South Wales;
  • Gamblers Help Victoria — for players from Victoria;
  • ACT Gambling Counselling and Support Service (AGCSS) — for gambling enthusiasts from the Australian Capital Territory;
  • Problem Gambling Help SA — for people who experience problems with gambling and live in South Australia;
  • Gambling Help Queensland — this service is intended to help users from Queensland;
  • Gambling Help WA — for players from Western Australia;
  • Gamblers Help — for gambling fans who are residents of Tasmania.

Australian gamblers can also get help via anonymous support or charts on the Internet. Reading information regarding responsible gambling online and communicating with counselors can also be useful. For some players, taking a responsible gambling course will be a great solution for their gaming problems.

If you or someone you know needs help, there is a national helpline that can be contacted on +1 800 858 858.