The Basic Guide to the Functionalities of AUS pokies

To make the most of playing pokies games, Australian gamblers should know at least the basics of how online pokies work.

After you place a bet on a payline, the main purpose when playing a pokie game is to land a winning symbol, preferably a high-paying one. When you hit the Spin button, it triggers the movement of the reels, and you have a new opportunity with every spin.

The functionality of pokies in online casinos - what the Australian player needs to know
  • Pay Table Icon

    Getting Familiar with the Pay Table

    It’s quite crucial to check the panel containing paying information for each particular pokie before proceeding to bet real money. In the pay table, you can find all important information regarding the highest and lowest paying symbols, the presence of jackpots and how they are triggered, the number of paylines, the existence of bonus rounds, and additional valuable information.

    The best pokies online Australia include a clear presentation of this data by clicking a dedicated button to reveal them, or you can also find it below the game screen at times.

  • Minimum and Maximum Allowed Bets Icon

    Minimum and Maximum Allowed Bets

    Each online pokie has its different betting limits, and they depend on the AU casinos you are playing at and the predetermined rules on behalf of the software provider.

    The minimum bet refers to the smallest amount of money you can bet per spin, which is clearly stated in the pay table of the particular pokie. The minimum bets can start at as low as AU$0.01 at some sites and be as high as AU$20 or above if you are playing in VIP events.

    The maximum bet, on the other hand, is the opposite – the highest amount of money you can bet per a single spin on the pokie. These amounts might start at AU$10 or AU$20, but some online pokies in Australia have a max bet of AU$100 or above.

  • RNG Icon

    RNG or Random Number Generator

    The Random Number Generator is a special technology used at online pokies with the purpose of avoiding rigged gameplay and fair outcomes for all participants.

    During the gameplay, the purpose of the RNG is to generate random outcomes and provide equal payout opportunities to each gambler. This generator isn’t dependent on any external factor, it simply works arbitrarily at all times.

  • Volatility Range Icon

    Volatility Range of Online Pokies

    The volatility range of the AU pokies determines the frequency and size of payouts you get when playing a game. This range is predetermined by the software provider, and it can be separated into two main ranges – low or high, with also somewhere in between, such as low-medium and medium-high.

    Australian pokies with low volatility will give out frequent wins but smaller and quite often insignificant ones, The maximum payout potential of pokies with low volatility is around 500x your bet.

    On the other hand, high volatility is much appreciated at online pokies because even though the winning outcomes are less in frequency when you score one, it can be quite large. Pokies with high variance can give out winnings that are 5,000x your stake and above.

  • Bonus Features Icon

    The Importance of Mini-Games and Bonus Features

    To enrich the whole experience of playing the best pokies online Australia, the producers of these games include several so-called mini-games and bonus rounds, which offer even additional winning opportunities.

    A bonus round, a certain number of free spins, for example, can be triggered by an appearance of a certain combination of symbols during the base game.

    Another great feature is the multipliers which increase your actual win by two or three times. This multiplier usually lasts for a dedicated period of time.

    The mini-games are incorporated into the pokie itself and usually involve some instant play options such as guessing the color behind the card, memorizing certain symbols, and similar short-timed activities.